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Feb 4 - Feb 10: The Landmark Theatre Pop-Up, with director P.T. Anderson

Feb 4 - Feb 10: The Landmark Theatre Pop-Up, with director P.T. Anderson
Via LAWeekly: Those who felt a little cheated that Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza lacked any references to Licorice Pizza Records (a beloved L.A. music store in the ’70s and ’80s) have a reason to get excited. A new boutique shop in Studio City is hoping to bring back the groovy vibes, carrying vintage clothing, collectables and of course, vinyl records in the spirit of the good old days, and the movie.
The store will be part of Landmark theaters’ exclusive week-long 70 mm screenings (thru Feb. 10), which features Q&A’s with Anderson himself and editor Andy Jurgensen Friday and Saturday. All screenings also offer immersive elements including free pinball games (on official Pizza-themed machines), a lounge with deejays spinning retro jams (5:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. on Fri. & Sat.) and specialty food and drink items with nods to the film including the Landmark Lounge’s “Tail ‘O the Cock” bar menu, Landmark concessions’ pizza and licorice pairings, and themed drinks including a Tequila Sunrise cocktail and concoctions with names like “Picture Day” Planter’s Punch and “Fat Bernie’s” Rum & Cola.
As we highlighted in our cover story back in December, P.T.’s film is a heartfelt slice of nostalgia that captures the complex relationships and carefree zeal of life in 70’s-era Southern California. (Read the story to see what Anderson had to say about not actually showing or mentioning the store in the movie).
The Licorice Pizza Records pop-up will offer movie merch and retro items including music in the theater lobby this weekend, but its brick and mortar Studio City location, selling “the tastiest music in town,” is permanent. Kerry Brown, who is the new trademark owner of “Licorice Pizza Records,” says having a music store was his childhood dream, but “I built it just in time for the world to shut down,” referencing the challenges of COVID-19 via press release. Though the timing wasn’t great in that regard, it was in terms of tie-ins with Anderson’s film, which has been widely acclaimed, even generating Oscar buzz for the director, best known for similarly flash-backy fare like Boogie Nights and Inherent Vice.
The millennial and Gen-Z crowd might not be aware of it, but Licorice Pizza was a Long Beach record store founded in 1969 that grew into a popular 34 location brand across Southern California.
Licorice Pizza screenings and pop-up at The Landmark, 10850 West Pico, at Westwood Blvd, West L.A. Q&A Fri. 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets and info at landmarktheatres.com.
Licorice Pizza Records now open at 12230 Ventura Blvd. More info at linktr.ee/LicoricePizzaRecords. 

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