Licorice Pizza Records 🍕

Studio City, CA on Ventura Blvd.

Studio City, CA on Ventura Blvd.

Licorice Pizza Records is a boutique record store reviving the art & music scene in Studio City. The hand-painted, classic logo shines above Ventura Blvd, encouraging customers to come inside and revisit an era when vinyl was everything. Fashion designers and craft artists from the local community are featured during monthly Flea Market events. New & used records line the walls, while music playlists handpicked by knowledgeable staff adds to the atmosphere. A vintage pinball machine is free to play, near a bucket of actual licorice that sits on the counter, 1 piece free per customer. 

At the helm is award-winning multi-platinum music producer, artist manager, and event producer Kerry Brown, who has been involved in the marketing and production of over 50 million records sold. He has produced or executive produced and consulted on numerous high-level entertainment properties. 

“Our goal is to bring back community. We encourage all creatives – from music, comedy, TV, movies, and all entertainment – to join us as we revolutionize and support those who need it the most,” said owner Kerry Brown. “Having a record store was my childhood dream, and I built it just in time for the world to shut down,” he laughs.

Licorice Pizza Records is inspired by the original Long Beach record store founded in 1969. By 1985, 34 locations had opened across Southern California. Featured prominently in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Licorice Pizza was an integral part of the San Fernando Valley subculture. Local music fans flocked there in the 1970’s and 1980’s, including new owner Kerry Brown, who fell in love with vinyl and music production as a teenager.  With regular in-store appearances by MTV’s biggest rockstars, the chain was the epicenter of cool, but with a more personal touch than mainstream outlets like Tower and Virgin. The new Studio City permanent store location is not a pop-up. The tastiest music in town is here to stay. Remember, you always get your music nicer at Licorice Pizza.

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